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Environmental hygiene lab

The Environmental Hygiene Laboratory has been carrying out relevant research in various areas of new technologies and environmental analysis for many years.


Experts in UV light disinfection.


Microbiological water testing and disinfection studies using new technologies in health, work and
domestic environments.


Device design and prototyping.

Winner of numerous best poster awards at several congresses, including the best poster award (press release) for a scientific paper at the European Public Health Association Congress 2021.


Research, Development and Technology Transfer


Studies on the effectiveness of the Aerobiotix Ultraviolet Filtration System in reducing airborne and particulate microbial contamination and on devices for reducing microbial contamination in operating theatres.

Periodic environmental inspections of the water and hospital facilities of the AOUS of Siena.

Studies on the effectiveness of Box Cartoni S.p.A. and Led Boxer UV-C in reducing microbial contamination on film equipment.


Air filtration devices with UV-C technology (Air-Hub).


Tests carried out on a lamp with nearUVA technology (Siderea BKL).

Analysis of filtration efficiency and improvement of FilAir neodymium magnet filters in the control of particulate and microbial contamination in closed environments in the presence of laser printers.

Studies on the efficacy of the disinfectant Umonium38® Neutralis in neonatal incubators in the neonatal paediatric wards of the AOUS ‘Santa Maria alle Scotte’ in Siena.



Studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the Cleaning Air T12 device in disinfecting air in work, school and healthcare environments and to refine the device.

Numerous projects to develop UV-C led disinfection devices, such as Stet Clean for the disinfection of stethoscopes.

Regular microbiological and environmental checks in the nursing home.


Regular microbiological and environmental checks in the hospital.

Investigation of a new disinfection source (Chip) using UV-C technology and its applicability in nosocomial, home and office environments.

Study and development of new lighting furniture with a sanitising effect using UV-C technology and devices for sanitising small household objects, the air in the home and its surfaces, such as the Purity Capsule.

Study of the effect of near-UV-A rays on food products and devices for the sanitisation of machines for the maintenance of food products composed of ice (granite, grattachecche, etc.).

Study of air and surface contamination following the use of chemical disinfectants in controlled environments.

Biocidal efficacy studies of near-UV-A radiation installed on a fixed light fixture (IMPERA ceiling lamp) in a controlled laboratory environment. In addition, studies were carried out in real environments to verify the effectiveness of the device after nightly disinfection cycles with near-UV-A radiation.

Studies on the effectiveness of the UV-C lamp “UV-360” for the disinfection of surfaces in hospital environments (operating theatres).


Gabriele Messina

Associate Professor of General and Applied Hygiene

Department of Molecular and Developmental Medicine, University of Siena.

Gabriele Cevenini

Gabriele Cevenini

Full Professor of Electronic Bioengineering and computer science

Department of Medical Biotechnology, University of Siena

Davide Amodeo

Davide Amodeo

Health Biologist

Three-year degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technician from the University of Catania. 

Master’s degree in Health Biology from the University of Siena.

Isa de Palma

Isa de Palma

Health Biologist

Three-year degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Siena. 

Master’s degree in Health Biology from the University of Siena.

Gaia Papale

Gaia Papale

Health Biologist

Three-year degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Caserta.


Alessandro Puccio

Mechanical Engineer

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Siena.

Silvia Travaglini

Silvia Travaglini

Didactic Secretariat

Three-year degree in Science in Archaeological Heritage at the University of Siena.


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